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For the makeup fanatics out there, these ultra-modern brushes may have caught your attention; and it seems as though they’re here to stay! Originally made by Artis Couture, their popularity skyrocketed about a year ago when dupes of them begun circulating the market. Now dupe products are not necessarily inutile, they are simply inexpensive models of the original products. However, I would say their quality is definitely questionable. The oval brushes have revolutionised the application of makeup. Personally, I was never motivated, to say the least, to purchase this set of brushes because I just could not comprehend how it would work or make my life easier.


I later decided to give these brushes a try. After all, if they are all the rage, there must be something spectacular about them. I have a few thoughts I’d like to share with you, and in turn, have your feedback.



The brushes come in a set of 10 consisting of 5 face brushes and 5 eye brushes.The brushes are a gorgeous rose gold and black combination. The neck of each brush is quite sturdy, unlike others I have seen online. Although it boasts handles of flexible plastic and a ridge for a firm grip, it should be handled with care to avoid breakage. The bristles are uber soft and dense and feel amazingly soft on the skin.



Initially, I was skeptical about using them. Like most of the products en vogue in this industry, I thought these brushes would be purposeless. Naturally I started with the foundation brush because it held more of an appeal with regards to functionality. The large surface area ensures the swiftness of the foundation application process. It evenly distributes the foundation as effectively as a damp beauty blender would, and the end result is always an even, flawless finish. I would say, if  you tend to apply foundation before applying your eye makeup this brush is perfect for you. You can go around your face without being too careful about rubbing off your eyeshadow.


The one thing I noticed about the face brushes is that they can be used interchangeably. With the exception of the foundation and powder brushes, the other face brushes weren’t distinctive as to what functions they perform. I had to use whichever one I deemed suitable for the application. I used the fourth largest for applying the contour, the smallest face brush to apply the highlight, and then the third largest brush, which was the miracle worker in blending my highlight and contour. The eye brushes are amazing for precise eyeshadow applications like the cut crease, and other dramatic looks. It however takes awhile to get accustomed to. My first time using the brushes saw me struggling with how to hold them and how much pressure to apply during use. After a few tries, I noticed it was easier to hold the black part of the brush with four fingers and place my index finger on the rose gold part of the brush.



I wouldn’t say this brush set takes your makeup application to an exciting new level. However, professional makeup artists will find this set essential for dramatic makeup, face painting and body makeup.

For the everyday woman, I say, the face brushes allows you to apply your make up in record time!!



8/10 for professional makeup artists

6/10 for the everyday woman


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