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Pinch and Punch! Its the first day of Flirtatious February!
Oh how time flies when you’re having a ball! Another month into 2017 and I still don’t know what I’ve done with my time. Did I say “New Year, New Me”?! Because nothing has changed. Haha! Every year I write down resolutions I’m most certain I can only keep in la-la land. In my bid to break this cycle, I made a few mental notes on realistic ways to become the best version of myself, and improve my faulty areas.

Time management

I’m actually not bad with deadlines because I’m quite smart and dependable; you can ask my friends whom I may have influenced positively (hey Dotts!). Punctuality has never been my dilemma, however, managing the excess time on my hands remains an issue.

I spent a major part of my school break on the couch in front of the tv, binge watching The Good Wife and Stranger Things. Amidst my wool-gathering and lazying around earlier today, I thought to myself how content I was in what would be the halcyon days of my mid-twenties. Then reality hit…school starts tomorrow and I haven’t done any research! At this point, I feel horrible because I’m going to be the dull-witted student in class, who no one wants in their group.

Procrastination is indeed the thief of time! Ladies, it is imperative that you prioritise. I beseech you all; tackle whatever tasks you have to, before you switch to ‘lazy mode’.

Let’s just say I’ve learnt my lesson and I’ll give you an update on my marketing lecture tomorrow.

Fit Fam

Snatched waists, snatched this, snatched that *eye roll*. Did I mention that while I was a couch potato I ate a truckload of junk food and did nothing that required any physical or mental effort?! Well then, the 3 kilos of weight I’ve gained is a dead giveaway! I’m not exactly wearing a badge of honour right now, but I’m not unhappy about what I see in the mirror. In order to feel more confident in my skin, I took my butt to the gym. If going to the gym is a taxing notion for you, try reducing your food portions or get a workout buddy so you can be each other’s motivation. Working out makes me feel like Atalanta! I can take on the world! It’s never too late to start. After all, everyday is a new beginning!


Saving your coin

I can’t even comment on this because it still remains a mystery to me. I can’t fathom why saving is so difficult…it really is!! Sigh. For me, it’s probably due to lack of discipline because I want so many things!!  I still don’t know what would motivate me to save. I need help people, so if you’ve found a way to save please share with your girl!

Good luck on keeping up with your New Year’s resolution. Don’t beat yourself up if you find yourself faltering. After all, you set them so you can relax if you need to. Happy New Month!


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