The delivery guy made it seem like it was some secret mission when he called me to deliver the package. I mean I was expecting flowers, but it turned out to be lipsticks . Honestly, flowers wouldn’t have been bad though, but I’ll take the lipsticks.

Black secret has been in Ghana for awhile, with a wide variety of makeup products ranging from face products, to eyeshadows and lip products.

My mum used it when I was way younger and I hadn’t started wearing makeup. She loved her cream to powder foundation and the clear lipgloss which you had to squeeze. Who remembers their makeup wipes? I’m sure we’ve all used it before at some point lol.

Ok now back to the lippies:

My thoughts:

Packaging: I’m sucker for great packaging, black secret didn’t disappoint on this one. It comes in an all black matte and glossy tube with ‘lip- tastick’ and ‘Black Secret’ written in white on it. Its very simple and durable(it has fallen a couple of times without a crack).

Claims: It does not claim to have any special features such as being transfer proof or long-wearing.

Shades: It comes in 6 different shades;

1 red (Hawt),

1 orange (tomato juice),

1 pink (shockin!),

1 purple (mauven-picking),

1 gold (gold coast) and

1 brown (nudist beach).

  • ‘Hawt’ is my favorite, its a dark red shade, it’s creamy and the pigmentation is just fabulous.
  • My least favorite was the bright pink (shockin’) shade, it applied patchy and was just too bright for my personal preference.
  • I think black secret made the shade gold coast for the aunties who like to be extra, cos honestly who wears gold lipstick please??!.
  • The shades ‘Tomato juice’ and ‘mauven-picking’ are super creamy and easy to apply. If you like bright shades you’d love these.
  • The shade ‘nudist beach’ is what I’ve been reaching for a lot, although I always need to use a lipliner to make it work it’s not bad for an everyday lipstick.
  • I just wish the lipsticks were scented it would have been a plus for me.

Thanks for stopping by, see you soon…

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  1. Baaba
    January 19, 2018 / 9:19 am

    I’d love to have seen some pictures/swatches. You described them pretty well though thar would have been better for me.
    It claimed to be transfer proof, please how did that hold up

    • January 19, 2018 / 10:17 am

      Hey girl, I’ll put up some swatches on my instagram soon. Also I think I mentioned that it isn’t transfer proof so it’s easy to remove and reapply.

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