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First of all you guys are such darlings for the ‘engagement’ I got on my previous blogs, lots of love and kisses to everyone.

This week, I have a list of the big international beauty brands you can find in Accra. I find it so satisfying to be able to share as much information I can find about our industry.

Chanel :

This is a big brand for all you extra luxury makeup lovers you can find their stand at AnC mall the perfume store next to Max mart.


I was so glad to find their stand at the same store next to max mart at AnC. Lancôme is one of the Makeup brands I love, with a wide range of long-wearing foundations I totally love click here .Don’t even get me started on their juicy shaker lip products. You can also find one of their stands at the Westfields Mall.


This is also a brand that is all the way up there for me, foundations are proper full coverage and their eyeshadows are super pigmented. I did an Instagram tutorial click here using their eyeshadows. You can find the stand at the AnC mall and the Westfield’small.

Mac cosmetics:

The Mac stores are located at the Accra mall and Westfields mall.Mac is everyone’s staple brand. It’s one of the big brands that always catered for black women, they’ll always have a place in my Makeup heart.

Estée Lauder:

Another amazing brand that caters to a wide range of skin tones when it comes to foundation. The double wear foundation is popular among beauty influencers all over the world. You can find Estée Lauder at the Westfields mall.


I always seem to talk about their skin care range, but did you know they also did Makeup? I can’t wait to try the beyond perfecting foundation, the reviews on this product has been amazing. Don’t forget to try their mascaras and lipglosses anytime you get the chance to visit them at AnC mall, Accra mall and Westfield’s mall.

So far this is what i’ve come across, feel free to share if you have come across more brands.


This brand is my favorite drugstore brand, I love affordable makeup that gives me exactly what I need. You can find maybelline on Jumia and in practically any beauty stand in all the malls and beauty stores in Accra.

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  1. Hiya Akai, congratulations on your engagement. Really quick question, how exactly do you make money as a new blogger, especially in the beauty industry in Ghana?

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