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This question popped up in the comment section of my previous blog ‘How do you earn money as a beauty blogger especially in Ghana’.

I’ve researched on this topic and i’ve gained a bit of experience, basically you don’t earn a ton of money from Beauty blogging in Ghana (at least for now and from my experience).

However, I have pointers on how to direct you to increase your chances of getting income as a beauty blogger in Ghana.

Affiliate programs:

I’ll start with this as it gives everyone a fair chance of earning income. Basically when readers come on your blog and click on the pop up ads and purchase you earn a commission on the transaction. The more people come on your site it increases your chances of earning more commissions hence more income. I linked my sites to Adsense and Awin a little over a year ago, initially I started earning pennies and much later a few couple dollars nothing significant to say I’ve made it or I can survive on this. Jumia has an affiliate program which I just signed on to hopefully it turns out ok. I earn a small commission when I link products on Jumia on my site and anyone purchases from clicking on that link.

Let your Passion drive you:

I believe if you love what you do, whether income is coming in or not you’ll put your best effort into it. I used to make more money as a makeup artist than as a blogger however, I feel more accomplished after every blog post or YouTube video I upload. (My next bLOG post will be why I quit as a makeup artist).

Approach brands:

This one is tricky because you may be stuck with the question of what do I say to the brand. I’ve always gone straight to the point when I approach brands either by sending an email, scheduling a meeting online or meeting in person. The conversations are in three stages I introduce myself and talk about what I do, I tell the brand my previous experiences and achievements if any and lastly I tell them what my intentions will be if we collaborate.

Offer freelance services:

Most brands need content creators to create content for their social media pages. Identify brands you connect to and approach them with your services to create content for their social media pages. It’s important to make sure the brand suits the type of content you create. It may not be prudent to approach a fashion brand when you create beauty content.

Influencer apps/websites:

This may be a bit more suitable for readers living abroad, I earned a couple hundred pounds  using influencer apps when I was abroad. These apps and websites have rules and regulations on which influencers they pick to work with or have access to their sites. This shouldn’t be a set back as there are loads of different apps which will be suitable for you. Some of the apps I signed up to include Indahashtribe , and Takumi . There are lots more that you can do your research on, these are just the few I used.

I hope this was helpful, it’s almost like a taboo among content creators to talk about how they earn income. I’m sharing as much as I know because I believe there’s room at the top for all of us.

See you next time..xx

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  1. Anonymous
    March 6, 2018 / 1:36 am

    Thank you for this post, do you have any other business or job besides blogging as a way of securing funds.

  2. March 9, 2018 / 2:26 pm

    Yes I do, I have a full time job as a marketing manager

    • Anonymous
      March 10, 2018 / 9:27 pm

      That’s good. How did you get into marketing ? Do you enjoy it? Do most Ghanaian bloggers have a second main/full time job to keep them going?

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