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I’ve been extra pumped this week to blog more, maybe its because I’ve finally been able to design my blog/website it looks so preetttyyyy tell me if you like it.

Alright this review has been pending for ages. Anytime I was ready to take pictures of the items I had either used so much of it or it was done. Immediately I stocked up on more took the pictures and now here we are with a review.


R&R luxury is a female Nigerian owned natural skincare brand. The range includes shea oil, liquid and solid black soap, shea soap, lip butter, coconut oil and baobab oil. It also includes home spray fragrances, diffusers and candles. All the products are made from natural products which I believe is mainly sourced in Ghana.

Shea oil

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The shea oil comes in different flavors the unscented (ori-nku), serenity, lemongrass and Marrakech nights (for men but I still use it anyways cos I love the Arabian scent).

Although its an oil and you probably expect it to be thick and sticky it actually isn’t. It is light and applies easily on the skin right after a shower. I apply it all over my body except my face and voila my melanin is lit lolz. I apply it as a moisturizer day and night sometimes with a mix of a moisturizer but mostly by itself. It smells divine I prefer Marrakech nights or lemongrass because they are scented, shea butter has a distinct scent which I usually don’t reach for. Which is why I would usually mix the serenity flavor with a scented moisturizer.

If you are not a fan of strong Arabian scents I’ll say try the lemongrass or the unscented .

Price: 35 cedis


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I got the reed diffusers for my mum for Christmas as these are her favorite type of home fragrances. It has a really nice scent called spiced orange, its very hard for me to compare it to any scent. I just know that it has a calming smell which kind of relaxes you, it just has that ‘I’m in a spa vibe’.

Price: 120 cedis




I love candles my favs are from Jo malone and Diptique candles but I haven’t got that kind of luxurious money to purchase all the time. I got this candle just to try and you can just imagine my joy when the lemongrass scent took over my room. Candles are just so relaxing words cannot express, its a vibe you have to experience. It took just a candle to turn my room into a relaxing pod. Oh the little things!

Have you tried any of these products? tell me if you liked or loved them below.

Price: 40 cedis

  • N.B Prices may not be exact, I purchased these in December and this is what I remember 🙁 for the body oil I know I’m spot on with the price.

Purchase Details

Ghana: Pop up store at SO Aesthetics at viva court in Osu +233302784252

Nigeria: click here1 Niyi Okunbi street, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos +2349086315761

South Africa: +27828228833

United States: click here

United kingdom: click here


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