Color pop is one of those cheap and cheerful brands that give you the perfect dupes for high end makeup products. I was beyond excited when I realized they shipped to Ghana (Not many brands ship here which is sad) , I will tell you about my experience in this blog post. I should also point out that although the brand is affordable the quality of their products is amazing.


The website is pretty straightforward I knew what I wanted which were the concealers and lipglosses and I ended up picking an eyeshadow palette. I should add my main goal was to reach the mark for free shipping which is 30$ for domestic shipping in the United states and 50$ for international shipping.


A few days later I got another email that my order has been dispatched.


I got a couple of emails later to say the shipment will delay because they were experiencing huge traffic because of their newly launched products. I got my tracking details on 24/01/2018. It showed me my tracking details up until the 01/02/2018 and the only update was it was in transit.

After a long wait on the 27th of February I went to the main post office in Accra central to find out if my parcel had been delivered. The lady was really nice and checked on it and directed me to the post office where it was delivered to which was the legon post office.

My mistake was I didn’t add a phone number when I placed the order, had there been a number on it I would have been called for pick up. Also if the address was the digital Ghana post address ( click here to download ) it would have been delivered straight to my home.

It was a really straight forward process my parcel actually got to Ghana on the 2nd of February which was about a week from when it was dispatched. I didn’t have to pay for customs or any charges I showed my ID picked up and I was on my merry way out.

I forgot to mention our post offices are still very manual with attendants who like to take their sexy time so give it a 20 minute waiting period if you happen to be there.

Would you prefer a blog post of a review of the concealers or a youtube video? let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for reading…

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