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My blog is about everything related to beauty so I decided to create a segment for nails because I get my nails done quite often. I actually cannot believe I have the nerve to model my chubby fingers for a blog post but oh well! I have got a job to do so here goes lol.

I am a simple not too extra kind of girl, so you will not find me with long acrylics although I do like to see it on others. I may occasionally step out of my comfort zone and be extra so I do not bore you haha.

Processed With Darkroom

Ombre acrylic shimmer powder finish

I got my nails done at senams salon in east legon the nail lounge is on the first floor of the building.



Photo credit: senams day spa

The nails lounge has a white theme with apple shaped nail polish stations on the walls. There are also 6 stations for technicians to work on clients and 4 pedicure stations.


Photo credit: senams day spa

There’s a waiting area where you get to be served some tea while you wait. I really wish they served water or a cold drink because honestly this country is too hot for tea maybe ice tea will do.

The nail technicians are quite chatty and really nice to clients my nail technician was Rosina although she’s quite the chatterbox she’s very professional and gets her work done with minimum conversation.

The pedicurist also did amazing (Maame Aba) my feet feel so soft and she did amazing at scrubbing off all the dead skin. She also gave me a tip to keep my feet soft by moisturizing my feet with shea butter and wear socks after before going to bed at night.

Altogether I enjoyed my treatment at Senams salon.


Refill: 50 cedis

Full set: 80 cedis

Pedicure: 50 cedis


East legon close to Melcom



Hope you enjoyed reading

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