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I spent my Monday morning with the lovely team from L’oreal Ghana and other Beauty and lifestyle content creators. It was a casual meeting with lots of champagne and canapés. L’oreal Ghana introduced to us the new Mizani Bond Phorce range of products. Before I give you the details of why you should use Mizani  phorce range of products, I would like to say thank you to everyone who has been reading, liking and sending me lovely messages from the blog.



The brand has been in Ghana for about 2 years under L’oreal Company (same company for Maybelline).

Mizani is a Professional salon brand which simply means you cannot buy it in retail shop except in Salons that have been trained by L’oreal experts. It is a full package to professionally manage and treat permed hair, transitioning hair and kinky afro curls.

As you may already know I have permed hair and getting my hair to grow long without all the breakage has been challenging. Most of the at home treatments to protect the hair are really good however, if during perming the hair the right products are not used it strips the hair of its moisture, leaves the hair cuticles open and makes the hair damaged.

Bond Phorce

Let me bore you a bit with some scientific words to explain what the new technology does.

So basically your hair is acidic on the ph scale from 1-14, so lets say your hair’s acidity is 3 when you get a perm it shoots up to lets say 12 which is alkaline. At 12 your hair is prone to breakage and damage, what the bond phorce does is it brings your hair back to the ph level of about 4 or 5 protecting your hair.


Mizani Salon Experts in Accra

This is a list of Mizani salon experts in Ghana who are professionally trained by l’oreal (P.S. if your go to salon is not on the list, I guess its time you told them to join the Mizani family so you could also enjoy the benefits of using Mizani products)

  1. FIRST CHOICE 0245099053
  2. NIOBE SPA 0266408002
  3. BEAUTY TECHNICIANS 0200009203
  4. RIANN PROFESSIONAL 0244722387
  5. AMBIANCE SPA 0264885637
  6. DAVIES PALACE 0203934200
  7. GLAM FACTORY 0207600575
  8. AFRI PRIDE 0208117934
  9. PAMPERED 0247225693
  10. BOON 0244059224
  11. BEAUTY BASE 0244388953
  12. JANEM SALON 0549733405
  13. DRESSES 0208276820
  14. ALWAYS POSH 0544048673
  15. STYLE AND FUN 0244387218
  16. STUDIO 7 0244349089
  17. BLACK COTTON 0243255701
  18. KRYSHON 0244163525
  19. HAIR STUDIO 0246447824
  20. EXPRESSIONS 0275473700
  21. NABECK 0262990430

I’m looking forward to my next perm which is coming up soon to see how long my hair gets using the Mizani Bond Phorce. You can rely on me to share my before and after pictures of hair growth.

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