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Your favorite blogger girl (me!) bagged an award (Makeup blog of the year 2018) over the weekend at the Ghana Makeup awards at Kempinski Hotel over the weekend. It means so much to get awarded and celebrated for doing this. I share this exciting news with you because I definitely could not have done this without your amazing support.

Ok back to this product review, this must be the most difficult review I have had to do yet. I was torn between keeping my experience personal and sharing an honest review.

Skin Gourmet is a popular brand on instagram, with a wide range of organic products for skincare. Some of the products include neem oil, baobab oil, hemp oil, moringa powder, shea butter, cocoa unrefined butter, beard oils and lots more. Skin Gourmet brands itself as having skin care products that are 100% organic you can actually ingest it ‘#EATYOURSKINCARE’.

I must say the branding of Skin Gourmet is done really well. I was super impressed by the glass packaging (recyclable), the labelling had all the information of the products, and the variety of products Skin Gourmet has is impeccable.



This is liquid black soap mixed with tea tree oil and honey. The strong scent of the tea tree oil did not bother me as much as how it left my skin rather terribly dry after I showered. I have dry skin so it gets irritated when I use products that dehydrate my skin.

I found this odd because this was not my first time using any type of black soap. I went back to read the instructions and realized I may have used too much. I gave it a few more tries with the recommend amount but my dry skin just got worse so I stopped after 5 days.



Body scrubs are just one of the beauty products that I barely find any use for. I think the type of African loofah (sponge) we use in Ghana is on its own a scrub.

I used the coconut and cinnamon scrub once, I must say it made my skin feel smooth after using it and the smell is oh so ah-maaaa-zhhing!

Although my skin felt smooth it got really itchy afterwards, it was a dreadful itch that just won’t go away. I later deduced it must have been the combination of my skin getting really dry using the black soap and using the scrub right afterwards or I may just have a reaction to coconut or cinnamon on my body.



This has become my favorite because I love a cup of tea so a teaspoon of this in my tea is just perfect!.. However, this could also be used as a mask for your face to hydrate your skin and keep the elasticity of your skin.



This is also a current fav! all I do is mix it with water to get a creamy paste then apply it on my face. It is amazing for oily skin and acned skin. You can add a few drops of any essential oils of your choice to customize it.


I’m a sucker for great branding so even though I had a bad experience with some of the products, I am still curious to try the other products.

It is also important to note that we all have different skin types, what will work for me may not necessarily work for the next person and vice versa. If you are into organic skin care products its definitely a brand to try out for products.

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