TRAVEL GUIDE: LANGKAWI ISLAND, MALAYSIA It is exciting to think we are finally in a new year 2019, I don’t have a resolutions this year, I just need positive vibes and a sound mind. I have decided to include vacations to my to do list for the year,  personally I find that traveling gives you an amazing opportunity to discover what the world has. I took a trip to Langkawi Island in Malaysia as part of my honeymoon and I thought to share the details with you incase you are planning a trip this year and you need ideas. P.S. Shoutout to Roger for the recommendation.


It is one of the nicest beaches in Malaysia, if not the best. It is surrounded by many other islands including islands of Thailand. Langkawi is inhabited by Malays with most of them being muslems (Alcohol is duty free and available to those who prefer, however pork is not). The to do list on this island is endless from parasailing to jet skiing to island hopping and exploring the waterfalls and everything nature has to offer you will be in for an activity packed holiday. Our hotel had a private beach so we enjoyed most of our time by the beach.

The visa Process

Apply for your visa 2 weeks before your intended travel date. The Visa application office is at the VFS in cantonments next to the Goethe institute. It costs a total of about 175 cedis for the visa fee and other processing charges. The visa centre is opened from 8am to 2pm from Monday to Friday. It is a walk in service so no appointment is needed.

The visa application form/requirements

You will need a purchased ticket, printed hotel bookings, yellow card(mandatory), bank statement which should have a minimum balance of $2000. Download the application form online and have it filled and  lastly you will need a  cover letter from school or work.

Flights, tickets and hotels

Our trip to Malaysia was part of another trip so we went with Emirates airlines from Accra which was about 7 hours to Dubai, our transit was 3 hours (which went by really quickly) and we did another 6 hours to Singapore (I’ll have another blog post for singapore). From singapore we flew to the Island, langkawi which is about an hour from singapore. The internal flight cost about 200$ per person from singapore to langkawi.

We booked our tickets about 2 months ahead through an agent. For hotel reservations we booked on . In Langkawi we stayed at the Andaman resort. It had its own private beach which was a piece of paradise for us the sand was sparkly white and the ocean was so blue and cool which was perfect for the hot sunny days at the beach. The hotel is located in a thick rainforest, so we pretty much lived with the monkeys and birds. We were given a heads up to make sure we did not leave our doors or windows opened else the monkeys will raid the minibar.

Where to go and what to do on the island.

Mangrove tour in Langkawi is an experience of a lifetime from feeding the fishes to feeding swimming monkeys, eagle feeding, the crocodile and bat caves and the entire boat ride. It lasted for 3 hours traveling from one activity zone to another. We had so much fun we did no realize the 3 hours was up in no time. It is a must do in Langkawi. There were other things to do like the cable car ride, crocodile farms, sky bridge and many more. We were on our honeymoon so we spent most of our time laid out by the beach enjoying a cocktail or a burger.


  1. Grab (download the app)
  2. Hotel transfer
  3. Local taxi


Have enough cash for food and tourist attractions, hotel bills can be paid by card but everything else is by cash. You can change money at the airport they had the best rates.


Our hotel had everything we needed if I didn’t already mention we had a private beach with activities such as kayaking which I tried for the first time and my arms gave up on me, but it was fun. There is a beach bar with amazing cocktails and shisha, there’s also happy hour with discounts based on the temperature (basically the hotter the better). There was snorkeling which I should have tried but I was just lazy and unbothered.


Lastly we had an amazing outdoor spa session at the V wellness Spa , it was the best massage and facial I have ever had yet. We had an amazing time on the island, I do not have any bad things to warn you about because we did not experience anything like that. If you have any questions to ask I would be more than happy to help.

Thanks for reading.



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