Travel Guide: 7 things you need to do in Singapore

Travel Guide: 7 things you need to do in Singapore

Singapore literally blew my mind, I’m still in awe of how a place could be so beautiful. It is hard to imagine this country was once mostly covered with water and now its is considered one of the most expensive places in the world. If I could describe Singapore in 3 words it would be Sophisticated, Spotless and expensive. You pretty much have to budget a spend of  $100 (500 cedis or about 138 Singapore dollars) a day to spend.  As part of our honeymoon we went to Singapore for 7 days, it was filled with a lot of sightseeing, trying different meals, shopping (no doubt!) and relaxing. I vlogged as much as I could but I doubt I captured the night lights, the fantastic architect of the buildings as much as I would have loved to show, because it is just one of those places you need to experience for yourself.

Visa process

Singapore is visa free for most nationalities including Ghanaians holding a Ghanaian passport. We breezed through immigration with just a few questions about where we will stay, our final destination and how long we’ll stay for. Also make sure to have a printed Itinerary of your hotel to prove you are there just for tourism 


We used emirates airlines from Accra which lasted for about 7 hours to Dubai and from Dubai to Singapore was about 6 hours. Including transit time our journey was a total of about 17 hours. 


There are different types of accommodations available for you to pick from hostels, hotels, serviced apartments etc. Check on for all the available options. 


Download the Grab app to get around or the head to the closet train station to purchase an MRT ticket for a more affordable way to travel. Be sure to download the MRT map to know what stops you’ll be getting off at your destination.

My vlog has a lot more information on places to eat, places to visit and everything you need to know about traveling to Singapore. 


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