By Kilian perfumes is what I like to refer to as a very luxury ‘Indie’ brand, it is created by Kilian Hennessy from the popular LVMH family. The perfumes are each made from very specific scents which blend really well to create the oil based perfume magic. The scents are bottled in very simple yet detailed 50ml and 250ml bottles. The bottles are all refillable and it also has a motif at the side of the bottle which depicts the perfume as a protective shield when used.

The brand ‘By Kilian’ is not new to me as I have recently self diagnosed as perfume lover. I fell in love with it on my usual perfume hunt when I took a trip to Dubai recently.

Each purchase comes with the perfume in a case which could double as a clutch (I wore mine to church on sunday). The initial purchase costs more however, after that each refill bottle costs the same as a regular perfume.

Retail Price

50ml – ranges from 1551 to 1761 cedis

250ml – 3894 cedis

Refill bottle –

Retail Outlets

Scentopia – Accra Mall

Scentopia – Galleria mall Kempinski Hotel

The Launch event happened at the Urban Grill restaurant in Accra.

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