All the makeup brushes you’ll ever need for your collection.

All the makeup brushes you’ll ever need for your collection.

If you get confused when you see makeup brushes and you are wondering what to do with each one this post is for you. Whether you are a beginner or building your kit as a makeup artist the key brushes you need are listed below. Once you have perfected using the basics you can add the other brushes professionals use. There are different brushes and not all budget friendly ones are the right pick. The durability, softness and density of the bristles are important. A good quality brush will last you years of use as long as you clean them properly.


Foundation brushes

There are different styles of foundation brushes the flat brush, the flat top, the angled flat top brush and the round dense brush. As a beginner I will recommend m the flat top, angled flat top brush or the round dense brush for flawless foundation application. These brushes make application and blending easy and quick. The flat brushes are not ideal for blending foundation. I prefer using the flat brush to apply primer and also to place the foundation on my face before blending with the round or angled brushes.

Evita Joseph Flat Foundation brush 50 cedis on sale for 40 cedis link
CVL Beauty angled foundation brush 35 cedis link
Colorbox Cosmetics round dense foundation brush 25 cedis link
Colorbox Cosmetics large flat top foundation brush 30 cedis link
Evita Joseph Flat top foundation brush 50 cedis link

Powder brush

It is the biggest and fluffiest brush in a set, it’s hard to miss. Professional makeup artists have other powder brushes that they use specifically for loose powders and pressed powders. For everyday use, a big fluffy brush is all you need.

SO Aesthetic powder brush 30 cedis link
Evita Joseph all over powder brush 50 cedis link
Colorbox cosmetics large powder brush 25 cedis link
CVL Skin warming brush 40 cedis link

Blush brush.

Blush brushes are tapered or angled, the density is similar to the powder brush but in a more precise shape. I have personally become more accustomed to using the tapered type because its more versatile. I can use it for both my blush and highlighter.

Color box precision powder brush 20 cedis link
Evita Joseph Classic highlight brush 50 cedis link

Contour brush

This brush is totally optional, any of your powder brushes above can double as your powder contour brush. If you need one specifically to blend in your contour the one I like to use is from SO Aesthetics.

SO Aesthetics angled contour brush link


Brow spoolie – The brow spoolie s used to comb through your brow hairs and also to separate your lashes after applying mascara. It is easier to use when it is angled and have stiff bristles.

Evita Joseph angled eyebrow brush 25 cedis link
CVL Duo brow sculpt brush 20 cedis link
SO Aesthetic spoolie 10 cedis link

Eye Brow line brush

CVL Beauty brow line brush 18 cedis link
Evita Joseph detailed brow brush 30 cedis link

Eyeshadow brushes – The main three brushes you need are a flat eyeshadow brush, a crease blending brush and a precise crease brush. The flat brush is to apply eyeshadow on your lid using the flat side. The precise crease brush helps you place the shadow in the crease area and the crease blending brush is to blend the shadows for a flawless finish. There are more brushes that the pro’s use but the most important are these 3 brushes

Flat eyeshadow brush

Evita Joseph classic shader brush 30 cedis link
Colorbox Cosmetics

Crease brush

Deluxe Crease brush 30 cedis link
Colorbox cosmetics precision crease brush 15 cedis link

Crease blending brush

Evita Joseph Deluxe Blender Brush 30 cedis link
Colorbox Cosmetics crease blending brush 15 cedis link


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