Beauty tips to battle the harmattan season in 2021

Beauty tips to battle the  harmattan season in 2021

As you know Harmattan season is upon us in Ghana. Harmattan means dry and dusty weather for us for the next few weeks. My house is currently covered in white dust which is annoying because I like to leave my windows open for fresh air but during harmattan season that is a big NO.

I hope everyone is safe, this is also our flu season and since COVID-19 is also on the rise we have to take good care of ourselves. This post is to share what I personally do to tackle the changes that happens to me during harmattan season and a list of products you can use.

Stay away from oils

For most people harmattan means stocking up on baby oil, coconut oil, olive oil and anything else with oil. Which is understandable, however, this does not work for every skin type. Have you ever applied oil to your dry skin and it felt itchy or it felt like sandpaper when you were applying the oil? Well that is because you cannot battle dry dehydrated harmattan affected skin with just oils. The oil is the last product you apply as a sealant after you have moisturised your skin. The oil locks in the moisturiser and makes sure your skin does not get dry until you wash up again and repeat the process.

R&R Luxury Shea oil

Avoid boiling hot water for your shower

Ladies I know we love our hot steaming showers but now is not the time. Before you say ‘it’s too cold’ hear me out. Anything done to the extreme is not ideal for you. Lukewarm water is much better for your skin. It will not cause any imbalances in moisture levels in your skin.

Drink lots of water

Hydrate, hydrate and hydrate some more! I cannot say this enough.


These are some of my favorite moisturisers to literally combat harmattan. They are deeply moisturizing but not sticky or oily. It is perfect for sensitive skin and for kids as well.

Dove Intensive Body lotion 20 cedis on Jumia link
Nivea Nourishing deep moisture 23 cedis on Jumia link
Nivea Maximum Hydration for men 26 cedis on Jumia link

Use a moisturizing lip balm

Nokware how a’pout now?honey vanilla hydrating lip butter link
R&R Luxury Eco friendly lip butter 18 cedis link
Vaseline lip therapy 11 cedis on Jumia link
Clinique Moisture Surge lip balm available at Scentopia

Use a humidifier

Use a humidifier to add moisture to avoid breathing dry air constantly. It also prevents your throat from feeling so dry in the morning especially if you sleep in an air-conditioned room. Add a few drops of essential oils such as peppermint to clear airways or chamomile for a good night sleep.

Humidifer on Jumia link

Hair care

The dry weather also affects your hair, the lack of moisture can cause your hair to get dry and brittle. This makes it break and could cause dull looking and damaged hair. It is time to get your hair into a protective style whether it is an afro curly hair type or relaxed/permed hair. Protective styles like braids or cornrows under wigs are perfect. Before you put your hair in a protective style make sure you get a moisture treatment, moisturise your hair well and apply enough oils from the base to the ends. On a weekly basis you can reapply a leave in conditioner and oil.

Carol’s Daughter leave-in conditioner 26 cedis on Jumia link
Aunt Jackie’s Seal it up hydrating sealing butter 90 cedis on Jumia link
R&R Luxury Baobab oil 40 cedis link

Facial skin care

If you skin is oily you can stick to your regular routine just avoid using astringents or alcohol based products. Dry skin will need an oil based cream moisturizer and facial oils.

Nokware skin care oil based hydrating serum 80 cedis link

For a variety of Bodycare products to shop in Accra i’ll recommend any Ernest Chemist Pharmacy in Accra and Juben House of beauty link

Hand moisturiser

Lastly use a moisturising hand cream and a moisturizing hand sanitizer to prevent your hand from getting dry and ashy from the constant washing these days.

Be fearless hand sanitiser from Ambiance by Talata for 25, 55 and 75 cedis link
Be Present Hand lotion from Ambiance by Talata for 500ml for 75cedis link
R &R Luxury Hand sanitiser 21 cedis link


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