‘Blush & Tell’ – Hotel room wahala.

‘Blush & Tell’ – Hotel room wahala.

*Image pictured does not represent any part of the story narrated.

You are probably wondering what this part of my blog is about. It is a personal diary to share things that happen in my day to day life. I keep too many stories in my head and I need an outlet at this point. This part of the blog ‘Blush & Tell’ is to share incidences that happen in my life mostly as a beauty creator. The industry is growing everyday and the stories are endless, behind every picture or video there is a story. Some are good, others are funny and there are also the stressful ones.

Here we go with the first of many to come: This first one happened a few weeks ago when I had to shoot a campaign video for a brand. I would keep brands and names anonymous, the focus is not to call out people, it is more about the whole experience.

I called this apartment hotel a few days before our video-shoot to ask if the rooms were available and the how much it cost. I spoke to the receptionist she was very polite and even offered me a discount after I asked for it. Well she didn’t do it directly she had to check with her boss who agreed to it. Hotels in Ghana are so expensive by the way, more than 300$ a night will never not be ridiculous to me.

A day before I checked in I went there with my team mate who is the videographer to have a look at the place since it was for work purposes. It was a basic space to be honest but it was suitable for what we wanted to use it for.

We arrived at the hotel to check in with our luggage and butler said our luggage looks like we were here to shoot photos or videos. I asked if there was a problem with it and he said I had to speak to the receptionist. She told me we would have to pay about 400$ more on top of the $340 dollars we had already paid as part of their policies. As you can imagine I was shocked to the core. I could not believe the ridiculous charges on top of the already ridiculous charges.

I was ready to leave because I couldn’t justify why we had to pay so much money just to use the room. Before you even form your opinion hear me out, assuming it was my wedding day and I had booked the hotel room to get ready would I have to pay these exorbitant prices? I would have a team of photographers and videographers who would come in and take videos and pictures of me. If I do not have to pay extra for this on my wedding why do I have to pay extra on another day to do pretty much the same thing? In my case I was just shooting in the room I was not going to use any of the public areas like the pool, balcony or hallways to inconvenience the guests.

I was ready to leave at that moment because I knew it was a rip off. My team suggested we split and pay the cost since we had already rented equipment, the cost of cancelling the shoot far outweighed the cost they were charging us. We bargained and ended up paying about $300 in addition to the room charge which was also $340 our total bill came to about 4,000 cedis and change.

After paying all of this money we literally had to beg for complimentary water. Imagine paying so much money and finding out water (Belaqua 500ml to be precise) was a luxury. I would never understand why certain Ghanaians are quick to brand everything as luxury but know nothing about what offering luxury service looks like. It literally reminds me of the saying that not all that glitters is gold.

On that note who has a studio space which can be converted into different sets for us to use on our next shoot? This hotel business we’re definitely not trying it again, too much wahala.

Peace out!



  1. Nuerki Winnie
    February 20, 2021 / 9:25 am

    Oh boy! I had a similar experience but mine was at a restaurant where the manager was upset I was taking pictures without asking for permission. I was flabbergasted and could not believe it was actually happening. I ended up leaving never to patronize their services. In my case I called them out on Instagram because I couldn’t comprehend the foolishness 😅

  2. Anonymous
    February 20, 2021 / 10:08 am

    That’s crazy. They don’t understand “luxury” all they know is $ signs. Something needs to be done before Accra turns inaccessible to the ppl that live there

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