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I got a few products from Nars over the weekend. I love sharing my new picks with you but unfortunately if you live here in Ghana there is no store I can recommend to shop Nars makeup :(.

However, if you live abroad and Nars is available to you here are some of new products I have tried and I highly recommend to you.


Nars natural radiant long wear foundationIt applies smoothly, it is long wearing and suitable for oily or combination skin type.

Nars radiant creamy concealer – It has an applicator so it controls the amount of product you apply. It applies smoothly and it is easy to blend.

Nars smooth & protect primer broad spectrum SPF sunscreen – It smooths out your pores, controls oil and most importantly the SPF protects your skin from sun damage.

Melanin queens we also need to protect our skin with SPF to prevent skin problems like sun damage and hyper pigmentation( Do not believe the hype that we don’t need SPF it is a lie!).

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Hey Loves,

I’m pretty excited to for this one, oh by the way I hope everyone is doing amazing today.

Today’s blog post is all about eyelash extensions. It is a perfect time to talk about a brand that has eyelash extensions that will pretty much suit every lady’s lifestyle. From simple barely there lashes to dramatic lashes.

Viola Beauty is a Ghanaian (major reason why I am excited!) owned eye lash brand. The eye lash collection has 5 different styles:

RESA (subtle slay): For the corporate or simple lady who likes to do the barest minimum slay. It is a barely there lash which ands just a bit of length to your lashes to complete your work time or everyday makeup.


 BELLA (Day time slay) : This style is for the ladies who love a day time glam but do not want heavy lashes. It adds bit of volume and length, these lashes will get you loads of compliments.


EUGIIE (wedding guest slay): You know that girl at weddings that is always slayyyedd to the gods without looking overly done. These are the lashes that makes you the centre of attention at any event, it has volume yet wispy. 


TINA O (Church beat slay)  My current favorite one, its dramatic yet suitable for even church. As with all the lashes these are wispy with a mix of long and short lengths. It has volume but it does not look heavy.


YO-YO (dramatic slay): This is for the ladies who like to go all out, talk about extra thats what these lashes are all about. They are full in volume and length and also wispy. IMG_4461

What I love most about the Viola beauty lashes are how wispy they all are. It makes it wearable for every lady, whether you want a subtle glam or you want to go all out there is a style for everyone. These lashes are so durable you can wear them up to 20 times (thats if you take care of them well). Keep the box that it comes in to store your viola beauty lashes well.

Viola beauty is currently giving away free lash glue, a pair of lash scissors, and mascara with a purchase of 2 or more lashes as a welcome gift.

Retail price: 45cedis

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Hey Loves,

I have not talked about makeup in awhile, I will be sharing my go to makeup products for when I have 20 minutes to get myself together for a date or a girls night out.

Most of these products you can find in beauty shops in Accra or directly from the brand shops.

Just a thought but wouldn’t it be so cool if there was a ‘one stop shop’ that stocked Ghanaian brand beauty products plus other international brands. It sucks that you have to go to different places to buy products.

Find below my ‘On the go Glam Favorites’:



1.Foundation: Nars natural radiant longwearing foundation

Retail price $49 

I have only used the sample of this foundation, I am trying everything to get my hands on the full size. It has a skin like finish with full coverage and it lasts hours without the need to touch up during the day.

2. Primer: Mac prep & prime face protect lotion

Retail price: 205 cedis / 31$

This primer doubles as a primer and an SPF. SPF is important for your skin, as melanin babes we need to protect our skin from hyper pigmentation and sun damage. Find a moisturizer or primer that contains SPF and protect your skin.

3. Concealor: Maybelline fit me concealor

Retail price: 45 cedis/7$

This is a liquid concealor with medium coverage, I use it to highlight my under eye area and set it with powder. If you watch my videos you would know I absolutely love this.

4. Mascara: Maybelline colossal volume express mascara

Retail price: 27 cedis/ 8$

This mascara gives you all the length and volume you need and it is affordable too, one of my favorite mascaras to use.

5. Blush/contour powder: Mac swisschocolate

Retail price: 160 cedis/17$

I use an angled brush to apply it around my hair line, under my cheek bone and along my jaw line to add dimension to my face. It can also be used as a blush.

6. Setting powder: Laura Mercier medium deep powder

Retail price: 38$

I use this to set my under eye concealer and also to set my foundation. The powder is very fine and smooth. I also use it after applying primer to help the makeup say put and matte for longer hours.

7.Kohl liner: SO Aesthetics kohl line

Retail price: 30 cedis

This pencil is so creamy and waterproof, every makeup artist absolutely needs this in their kit you can thank me later 🙂 .

8. Lipstick: Fenty Beauty ‘Uncensored’

Retail price: 24$

The compliments I get when I use this lip stick is craaazzzy everyone loves it. What I like most about it is the doe foot applicator, I wish every lip product came with this it makes application so easy.

9. Highlighter: Milani strobe light 04 ‘Glowing’

Retail price:10$

I dust this on my cheeks, forehead, the tip of my nose and my upper lip, the glow with this one is popping!

10. Eyebrow pencil: Evita Joseph expert brow liner

Retail price: 40 cedis

I use this to fill in my sparse brows, my favorite shade is ‘perfect chocolate’, its matte and long wearing. No need to worry about your brows sliding of your face lol.

11. Lip balm: RandR Luxury

Retail price: 10 cedis

Perfect moisturizer for your lips, if you do not like to wear lipsticks or lipglosses you can use a balm to keep your lips hydrated.

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Hey Loves,

Your favorite blogger girl (me!) bagged an award (Makeup blog of the year 2018) over the weekend at the Ghana Makeup awards at Kempinski Hotel over the weekend. It means so much to get awarded and celebrated for doing this. I share this exciting news with you because I definitely could not have done this without your amazing support.

Ok back to this product review, this must be the most difficult review I have had to do yet. I was torn between keeping my experience personal and sharing an honest review.

Skin Gourmet is a popular brand on instagram, with a wide range of organic products for skincare. Some of the products include neem oil, baobab oil, hemp oil, moringa powder, shea butter, cocoa unrefined butter, beard oils and lots more. Skin Gourmet brands itself as having skin care products that are 100% organic you can actually ingest it ‘#EATYOURSKINCARE’.

I must say the branding of Skin Gourmet is done really well. I was super impressed by the glass packaging (recyclable), the labelling had all the information of the products, and the variety of products Skin Gourmet has is impeccable.



This is liquid black soap mixed with tea tree oil and honey. The strong scent of the tea tree oil did not bother me as much as how it left my skin rather terribly dry after I showered. I have dry skin so it gets irritated when I use products that dehydrate my skin.

I found this odd because this was not my first time using any type of black soap. I went back to read the instructions and realized I may have used too much. I gave it a few more tries with the recommend amount but my dry skin just got worse so I stopped after 5 days.



Body scrubs are just one of the beauty products that I barely find any use for. I think the type of African loofah (sponge) we use in Ghana is on its own a scrub.

I used the coconut and cinnamon scrub once, I must say it made my skin feel smooth after using it and the smell is oh so ah-maaaa-zhhing!

Although my skin felt smooth it got really itchy afterwards, it was a dreadful itch that just won’t go away. I later deduced it must have been the combination of my skin getting really dry using the black soap and using the scrub right afterwards or I may just have a reaction to coconut or cinnamon on my body.



This has become my favorite because I love a cup of tea so a teaspoon of this in my tea is just perfect!.. However, this could also be used as a mask for your face to hydrate your skin and keep the elasticity of your skin.



This is also a current fav! all I do is mix it with water to get a creamy paste then apply it on my face. It is amazing for oily skin and acned skin. You can add a few drops of any essential oils of your choice to customize it.


I’m a sucker for great branding so even though I had a bad experience with some of the products, I am still curious to try the other products.

It is also important to note that we all have different skin types, what will work for me may not necessarily work for the next person and vice versa. If you are into organic skin care products its definitely a brand to try out for products.

About Skin Gourmet


Instagram: Skingourmetgh

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Hey loves,

I spent my Monday morning with the lovely team from L’oreal Ghana and other Beauty and lifestyle content creators. It was a casual meeting with lots of champagne and canapés. L’oreal Ghana introduced to us the new Mizani Bond Phorce range of products. Before I give you the details of why you should use Mizani  phorce range of products, I would like to say thank you to everyone who has been reading, liking and sending me lovely messages from the blog.



The brand has been in Ghana for about 2 years under L’oreal Company (same company for Maybelline).

Mizani is a Professional salon brand which simply means you cannot buy it in retail shop except in Salons that have been trained by L’oreal experts. It is a full package to professionally manage and treat permed hair, transitioning hair and kinky afro curls.

As you may already know I have permed hair and getting my hair to grow long without all the breakage has been challenging. Most of the at home treatments to protect the hair are really good however, if during perming the hair the right products are not used it strips the hair of its moisture, leaves the hair cuticles open and makes the hair damaged.

Bond Phorce

Let me bore you a bit with some scientific words to explain what the new technology does.

So basically your hair is acidic on the ph scale from 1-14, so lets say your hair’s acidity is 3 when you get a perm it shoots up to lets say 12 which is alkaline. At 12 your hair is prone to breakage and damage, what the bond phorce does is it brings your hair back to the ph level of about 4 or 5 protecting your hair.


Mizani Salon Experts in Accra

This is a list of Mizani salon experts in Ghana who are professionally trained by l’oreal (P.S. if your go to salon is not on the list, I guess its time you told them to join the Mizani family so you could also enjoy the benefits of using Mizani products)

  1. FIRST CHOICE 0245099053
  2. NIOBE SPA 0266408002
  3. BEAUTY TECHNICIANS 0200009203
  4. RIANN PROFESSIONAL 0244722387
  5. AMBIANCE SPA 0264885637
  6. DAVIES PALACE 0203934200
  7. GLAM FACTORY 0207600575
  8. AFRI PRIDE 0208117934
  9. PAMPERED 0247225693
  10. BOON 0244059224
  11. BEAUTY BASE 0244388953
  12. JANEM SALON 0549733405
  13. DRESSES 0208276820
  14. ALWAYS POSH 0544048673
  15. STYLE AND FUN 0244387218
  16. STUDIO 7 0244349089
  17. BLACK COTTON 0243255701
  18. KRYSHON 0244163525
  19. HAIR STUDIO 0246447824
  20. EXPRESSIONS 0275473700
  21. NABECK 0262990430

I’m looking forward to my next perm which is coming up soon to see how long my hair gets using the Mizani Bond Phorce. You can rely on me to share my before and after pictures of hair growth.

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Hey loves,

I hope everyone is doing amazing today, I’ve been a bit overwhelmed with work this week but its been all good .

Anyways, if you follow makeup and beauty news in Ghana you would probably have noticed your favs putting up pictures on the gram for you to vote for them for the Makeup Ghana awards.

The awards is to recognize individuals who have worked hard on their craft and built an audience and in one way or the other influenced the growth of the beauty industry. Brilliant idea if you ask me, I think its nice to recognize people for their hardwork.

The process in selecting the nominees this year was seemingly transparent, which probably explains why we have different nominees this year except for maybe the content category. Its also great to see some new categories to recognize business owners and other stakeholders in the industry like photographers.

If anyone were to ask my opinion on the awards, I would say the name should probably be changed to Beauty Awards only because Makeup is a subset of the Beauty industry so makeup awards does not necessarily cover all the categories mentioned. I’m juuusst saying.

The event is organized by Makeup Ghana which will be held at Kempinski hotel (faanncy schaamcy!) on 28th of April 2018.

You can find all the details on nominations when you click here you may just find me in there somewhere for the blog and vlog category.

How to Vote

  • Text *447*22# using any network in Ghana only (MTN, Vodafone, Tigo/airtel etc)
  • Select content category
  • Select blog of they year
  • Enter the number of votes you want any number between 1- 10000000000000000 lol
  • Confirm and voila c’est fini

I’m sure you enjoy my blogs so you’ll be voting riiighhhhhhtttt???

Happy voting guys!!!

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Hey loves,

There are a few beauty products that have been on my wish list for awhile. I have not got them yet because they are either unavailable in Ghana or just out of my budget. I can only dream of owning them at this point. I know there is a chance one of these will be on your wishlist if it is let me know if I am right.

  1. Nars radiant longwear foundation- 35 GBP


2.  Kiehls midnight recovery concentrate – 49.5 GBP


3.  La Mer lifting and firming mask – 170 GBP


4. YSL Touche éclat blur primer – 29.5 GBP


5. La Mer revitalizing hydrating serum – 155 GBP


6. Twilly d’Hermès – 99 GBP


7. Charlotte Tilbury instant magic facial dry sheet mask – 60 GBP


8. Tom Ford Santal Blush perfume- 158 GBP


9. Nike Air Vapormax flyknit 2.0 Pink beam – 190$


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Hey loves,

My blog is about everything related to beauty so I decided to create a segment for nails because I get my nails done quite often. I actually cannot believe I have the nerve to model my chubby fingers for a blog post but oh well! I have got a job to do so here goes lol.

I am a simple not too extra kind of girl, so you will not find me with long acrylics although I do like to see it on others. I may occasionally step out of my comfort zone and be extra so I do not bore you haha.

Processed With Darkroom

Ombre acrylic shimmer powder finish

I got my nails done at senams salon in east legon the nail lounge is on the first floor of the building.



Photo credit: senams day spa

The nails lounge has a white theme with apple shaped nail polish stations on the walls. There are also 6 stations for technicians to work on clients and 4 pedicure stations.


Photo credit: senams day spa

There’s a waiting area where you get to be served some tea while you wait. I really wish they served water or a cold drink because honestly this country is too hot for tea maybe ice tea will do.

The nail technicians are quite chatty and really nice to clients my nail technician was Rosina although she’s quite the chatterbox she’s very professional and gets her work done with minimum conversation.

The pedicurist also did amazing (Maame Aba) my feet feel so soft and she did amazing at scrubbing off all the dead skin. She also gave me a tip to keep my feet soft by moisturizing my feet with shea butter and wear socks after before going to bed at night.

Altogether I enjoyed my treatment at Senams salon.


Refill: 50 cedis

Full set: 80 cedis

Pedicure: 50 cedis


East legon close to Melcom



Hope you enjoyed reading

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Taking off makeup has to be the second best thing after taking off your bra after a long day. No matter how tired I am from a long day/night out it’s still coming off no questions asked.

The clinique take the day off cleansing balm has been featured on different beauty blogs and it was just one of those products that I wanted to try but I hadn’t had the chance to yet.


Fast forward to August 2017 when I got a free sample from a clinique counter (one of the reason I love clinique). I was super excited to try it to see what the hype was all about. I used it one night when I had a cake load of makeup on. You know those days where you wish you could just tell Siri to take off your makeup.

I scooped a bit of the clinique cleansing balm and massaged it on my face. When I tell you I felt my ‘makeup face’ melting I wouldn’t be kidding. The cleansing balm melted all of my make up including my eye makeup and lipstick. After that I wiped off the melted balm mixed with makeup with cotton pads and voila my original face was back.


The clinique cleansing balm does not leave your face looking like a grease ball at all however, as a creature of habit I still cleanse my face again with my trusted anti blemish cleanser just once and moisturize right after.

Usually with makeup on I’ll have to go in with my cleanser a couple more times which my skin does not agree with because it gets really dry when that happens. Also I’ve learnt that face cleansers are to be used on makeup free skin to remove dirt and bacteria not to remove makeup. That is the reason why pre-cleansers such as the cleansing balm, makeup wipes, eye makeup removers are very important in your skincare regimen.

P.S. You also use less of your cleanser when you pre clean your face.


Clinique take the day off cleansing balm 250 cedis

Clinique take the day off eye makeup remover 145 cedis


United States CLICK HERE

United Kingdom CLICK HERE

South Africa CLICK HERE



  • A&C mall Galaxxy pharmacy
  • Accra mall Galaxxy pharmacy
  • West hills Mall Foschini

Thanks for stopping by again.

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