A few days ago I posted on my instagram story asking beauty companies in Ghana to contact me to collaborate this year on products that they make or retailer, however it had to products that were certified. It started a conversation in my dm’s which made me realize even more why this conversation should be had over and over again to bring to light the real effects of using products that are not certified.

First of all I am highly particular about what I use on my skin because your skin is the largest organ of your body and immediately absorbs products into the blood stream. The pore in our skin are the entry point for anything to enter our body. The science of it is a bit complicated you can click here to read more

Social media also serves as a platform to allow us to see what the western world has to offer us when it comes to beauty products. We see all these new launches and trends and we all want to try it out to help improve our makeup game. Buying and shipping these products to Ghana is expensive and unreliable for individual consumers. So consumers usually turn to local retailers and other sources to get these products.

Beauty Products in general is expensive but you are better of buying the expensive genuine product rather than a cheap fake product. I will share with you the reasons why you should never buy fake products and how to spot fake products.

In the news paper publication from the FDA above there is a list of all the harmful effects of using unapproved products on the market and products from companies to avoid.
  1. Skin infections
  2. Hyperpigmentation
  3. Permanent neurological damage in children
  4. Kidney toxicity
  5. Fertility products
  6. Birth defects
  7. Gastrointestinal toxicity
  8. Liver toxicity
  9. Skin infections
  10. Skin cancer

How to spot fake makeup products 101

Pricing: Do your ‘googles’ and check the original price of the product online, convert it to cedis to be sure. A 30$ Mac studio finish powder cannot not be sold for 120 cedis or less period. It is not a great bargain it is an indicator it is not from the original Mac store. It does not make any profitable sense for a retailer if they bought an original product for the original price to sell it so cheap. FYI although products go on sale, beauty products usually go on sale for about 10-15% discount.

The retailer: Get to know the retailer you are purchasing the products from. Ask questions like where do they get the products from, which stores or online companies are they from, why are the products ridiculously underpriced, are they agents for any of these brands etc. I understand you probably just want to buy your product and go but if you check the side effects I have listed above it is worth asking all these questions.

Compare to the original product: Go online and check the original packaging of the product online and compare it to the one you intend to buy.

Buy from Brand original retailers: To avoid all the hustle I just mentioned above you could purchase directly from the distributors below: 

1. Maybelline products from the maybelline stations at the Accra mall 

2. Mac from the Mac stores at Accra mall and Westhills mall, 

3. Estee Lauder and Lancome from the West hills mall

4. LA Girl from the retailer here

5. Clinique from Accra Mall (Galaxxy store) and West hills mall.

These are the few pointers to at least help you avoiding fake products on the market. If you have any other recommendations share it below.

Currently the only beauty retailers I can recommend are:

If there are more you can vouch for let me know below.

P.S This post is meant to start a conversation we should have started a long time ago, fake beauty products are harmful to us. They go on the skin and enter our bloodstream directly. The more we speak about this the more we are aware of what we buy and retailers will do better.

Travel Guide: 7 things you need to do in Singapore

Singapore literally blew my mind, I’m still in awe of how a place could be so beautiful. It is hard to imagine this country was once mostly covered with water and now its is considered one of the most expensive places in the world. If I could describe Singapore in 3 words it would be Sophisticated, Spotless and expensive. You pretty much have to budget a spend of  $100 (500 cedis or about 138 Singapore dollars) a day to spend.  As part of our honeymoon we went to Singapore for 7 days, it was filled with a lot of sightseeing, trying different meals, shopping (no doubt!) and relaxing. I vlogged as much as I could but I doubt I captured the night lights, the fantastic architect of the buildings as much as I would have loved to show, because it is just one of those places you need to experience for yourself.

Visa process

Singapore is visa free for most nationalities including Ghanaians holding a Ghanaian passport. We breezed through immigration with just a few questions about where we will stay, our final destination and how long we’ll stay for. Also make sure to have a printed Itinerary of your hotel to prove you are there just for tourism 


We used emirates airlines from Accra which lasted for about 7 hours to Dubai and from Dubai to Singapore was about 6 hours. Including transit time our journey was a total of about 17 hours. 


There are different types of accommodations available for you to pick from hostels, hotels, serviced apartments etc. Check on booking.com for all the available options. 


Download the Grab app to get around or the head to the closet train station to purchase an MRT ticket for a more affordable way to travel. Be sure to download the MRT map to know what stops you’ll be getting off at your destination.

My vlog has a lot more information on places to eat, places to visit and everything you need to know about traveling to Singapore. 

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GZ2T-UClu_0%5B/embedyt%5D


[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PqAv45cJmAA%5B/embedyt%5D

There are three things that amaze me—no, four things that I don’t understand: how an eagle glides through the sky, how a snake slithers on a rock, how a ship navigates the ocean, how a man loves a woman. Proverbs 30:18-19

Vendor list

Decor @letsbeseated – 0501-581-966
Photography @stevemorrism
Videography @rippleeffect – 0264-444-444
Makeup @mzl4wson
Hair @senamsdayspa
Nails @polishdbeautybargh – 0208916401

bridesmaids dresses @rarepassions
Wedding gown @pistisgh – pistisghana.com

Maid of honor dress @pistisgh
Groomsmen suits @tkencollections – 0249-388-957
Stationary/Invitation cards @bytalata 0506-100-398 – www.bytalata.com
Venue @kempinskiaccra
Cocktails @cocktails_n_co
Bouquet @orchideaflowers – 0246-923-333

MC @Matthewansah – 0243-721-993

DJ @DJpage_killercutz – 0507-035-756

Event centres

  • Jandel Limited @jandelltd
  • Unique Floral limited
  • Chandelier Event centre @chandelier_gh  0243-837-842
  • Wan-shi Gardens @wanshigardens
  • Crystal park @crystalparkgh
  • The event centre (New) Boundary road east legon


It is exciting to think we are finally in a new year 2019, I don’t have a resolutions this year, I just need positive vibes and a sound mind. I have decided to include vacations to my to do list for the year,  personally I find that traveling gives you an amazing opportunity to discover what the world has. I took a trip to Langkawi Island in Malaysia as part of my honeymoon and I thought to share the details with you incase you are planning a trip this year and you need ideas. P.S. Shoutout to Roger for the recommendation.


It is one of the nicest beaches in Malaysia, if not the best. It is surrounded by many other islands including islands of Thailand. Langkawi is inhabited by Malays with most of them being muslems (Alcohol is duty free and available to those who prefer, however pork is not). The to do list on this island is endless from parasailing to jet skiing to island hopping and exploring the waterfalls and everything nature has to offer you will be in for an activity packed holiday. Our hotel had a private beach so we enjoyed most of our time by the beach.

The visa Process

Apply for your visa 2 weeks before your intended travel date. The Visa application office is at the VFS in cantonments next to the Goethe institute. It costs a total of about 175 cedis for the visa fee and other processing charges. The visa centre is opened from 8am to 2pm from Monday to Friday. It is a walk in service so no appointment is needed.

The visa application form/requirements

You will need a purchased ticket, printed hotel bookings, yellow card(mandatory), bank statement which should have a minimum balance of $2000. Download the application form online and have it filled and  lastly you will need a  cover letter from school or work.

Flights, tickets and hotels

Our trip to Malaysia was part of another trip so we went with Emirates airlines from Accra which was about 7 hours to Dubai, our transit was 3 hours (which went by really quickly) and we did another 6 hours to Singapore (I’ll have another blog post for singapore). From singapore we flew to the Island, langkawi which is about an hour from singapore. The internal flight cost about 200$ per person from singapore to langkawi.

We booked our tickets about 2 months ahead through an agent. For hotel reservations we booked on booking.com . In Langkawi we stayed at the Andaman resort. It had its own private beach which was a piece of paradise for us the sand was sparkly white and the ocean was so blue and cool which was perfect for the hot sunny days at the beach. The hotel is located in a thick rainforest, so we pretty much lived with the monkeys and birds. We were given a heads up to make sure we did not leave our doors or windows opened else the monkeys will raid the minibar.

Where to go and what to do on the island.

Mangrove tour in Langkawi is an experience of a lifetime from feeding the fishes to feeding swimming monkeys, eagle feeding, the crocodile and bat caves and the entire boat ride. It lasted for 3 hours traveling from one activity zone to another. We had so much fun we did no realize the 3 hours was up in no time. It is a must do in Langkawi. There were other things to do like the cable car ride, crocodile farms, sky bridge and many more. We were on our honeymoon so we spent most of our time laid out by the beach enjoying a cocktail or a burger.


  1. Grab (download the app)
  2. Hotel transfer
  3. Local taxi


Have enough cash for food and tourist attractions, hotel bills can be paid by card but everything else is by cash. You can change money at the airport they had the best rates.


Our hotel had everything we needed if I didn’t already mention we had a private beach with activities such as kayaking which I tried for the first time and my arms gave up on me, but it was fun. There is a beach bar with amazing cocktails and shisha, there’s also happy hour with discounts based on the temperature (basically the hotter the better). There was snorkeling which I should have tried but I was just lazy and unbothered.


Lastly we had an amazing outdoor spa session at the V wellness Spa , it was the best massage and facial I have ever had yet. We had an amazing time on the island, I do not have any bad things to warn you about because we did not experience anything like that. If you have any questions to ask I would be more than happy to help.

Thanks for reading.



Hi loves,

This past weekend was super busy and fun all thanks to the amazing team from Maybelline Ghana who gave me and other the bloggers the chance to come backstage to experience the beautiful chaos that happens behind the scenes.

The key makeup artist for the Glitz Africa fashion week 2018 was award winning and first time Ghanaian makeup artist at the 2018 New York fashion week Alexandrina. She lead the team by demonstrating on Miss Universe Ghana 2017 the gorgeous Ruth Quarshie. The team of makeup artists were kept on their toes as models buzzed in and out to get their makeup done.

The main theme of the makeup for the Glitz Africa fashion show in Miss Alexandrina’s words was ‘skin skin skin’ ; so dewy fresh looks was the main look for day 1 with different lip colors depending on the pick of the designer. For the base artists use the Maybelline fit me poreless foundation, Maybelline brow drama to fill in the brows and the Maybelline vivid hot lacquer on the lips.

On Day 2 it was more of smokey dark eyes, so of course the Maybelline colossal Kajal liner was used to darken the eyes. The male models for Tokyo James had stones placed carefully placed all over their faces as the look.

Day 3 was all about color, Nonnistics went for a bold blue liner with nude lips. The artists used the blue Maybelline color tattoo liner to achieve this look.

The finale for Maybelline was the Maybelline runway which was the highlight of my weekend with the team. The models looked fantastic, each with a different colorful look as directed by Alexandrina. Below are some of the images from backstage.

Check out my vlog for backstage content: BACKSTAGE WITH MAYBELLINE AT THE GAFW 2018


Photo credit some images: @phloshop

To shop Maybelline products in Ghana: click here

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Hi my lovelies,

Over the next few weeks I’m going to be sharing with you as much of my planning and preparations I made for my engagement day. There isn’t a better way to start than sharing my beauty favorites, I’m a beauty girl it is just right.

Although my skin is not problematic I do get the occasional spots and I dreaded it happening on the big day. I could literally wake up any day with an unannounced spot and it freaked me out a bit.

I knew stress would be high, so I focused mainly on planning my time well so stress was at a minimum and making sure my skincare regimen was A1. For someone like me who gets easily stressed I had to focus on intentionally calming down when I got stressed. High stress levels has been related to the causes of pimples and acne in women (FYI).

I’m going to focus on the products that I used, but the biggest factor for me was my monthly facials and reducing stress. Although I must add that your diet and water are also crucial in getting your skin flawless for your big day.

Processed With Darkroom

Clinique Anti blemish Cleanser

I think if you’ve been a regular reader this product would not come as a surprise to you, because I’ve been using it for time and it has not failed me. It keeps my spots at bay, I sometimes get a little panic attack anytime I realize I have almost ran out of it. Towards my big day I got 2 bars of the cleanser as back up, I was not taking any chances incase it was out of stock at the mall.

Clinique Moisture Surge

I’ve spoken about the clinique moisture surge 72 hour replenishing moisturizer on my blog, instagram and my youtube channel. The weeks leading to the big was so busy I did not have much sleep and the anti blemish cleanser I use has the tendency to leave your skin a bit dry. The moisturizer has hyaluronic acid and aloe vera in it which tends to hold water in the skin for long hours and it is very evident in the morning after I used it at night. It is a product I will continue using over and over again, I don’t think I could ever stop.

Cici Glam Rose Water

This product is new in my skincare regiment, however I think its there to stay. If you love taking care of your skin you’ll know the amazing benefits of using  Rose water, it is an excellent product. I spray it on a cotton and use it as a toner after cleansing my skin. It gets rid of oil and dirt, it reduces acne, it is healing and maintains the health of your skin. The cici glam rose water comes in a 100ml spray bottle, you may want to get 2 or 3 as back up incase you are paranoid like me.

Clinique Super Defense SPF 20

This post could have easily been a beauty favorites post, but will my big day be complete if I didn’t have my favorites? It is helpful to start prepping your skin at least 6 months to the big day to know which products work for you and those to avoid. You do not want your skin to get inflamed or irritated by a product you have not used before close to your big day. The clinique super defense SPF 20 was what I used as my day moisturizer, it contains SPF which is like a blanket to protect your skin from sun damage. Sun damage cause wrinkles, sun burn and for darkens acne scars on your face. I never left home without using my day moisturizer.

Niobe Elemis Mattifying Facials

I started getting monthly facials from March when the engagement was in September. As I mentioned earlier my skin is not too problematic so 7 months was enough time for me however, the earlier the better it is to get your skin to heal. I have a more detailed blog post on my facials at Niobe coming soon. This part of my skincare regimen was very crucial to keeping my skin smooth and flawless.

All these products and services are available to you in Accra.

For clinique store information and where to shop click here

For cici glam rose water click here

Niobe Spa click here

I hope you found this helpful if you are getting wedding for your engagement day or wedding day,  or you just need skin care advice. If you have any questions leave it below!

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Hey loves,

I got a few products from Nars over the weekend. I love sharing my new picks with you but unfortunately if you live here in Ghana there is no store I can recommend to shop Nars makeup :(.

However, if you live abroad and Nars is available to you here are some of new products I have tried and I highly recommend to you.


Nars natural radiant long wear foundationIt applies smoothly, it is long wearing and suitable for oily or combination skin type.

Nars radiant creamy concealer – It has an applicator so it controls the amount of product you apply. It applies smoothly and it is easy to blend.

Nars smooth & protect primer broad spectrum SPF sunscreen – It smooths out your pores, controls oil and most importantly the SPF protects your skin from sun damage.

Melanin queens we also need to protect our skin with SPF to prevent skin problems like sun damage and hyper pigmentation( Do not believe the hype that we don’t need SPF it is a lie!).

Thanks for reading..

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Hey Loves,

I’m pretty excited to for this one, oh by the way I hope everyone is doing amazing today.

Today’s blog post is all about eyelash extensions. It is a perfect time to talk about a brand that has eyelash extensions that will pretty much suit every lady’s lifestyle. From simple barely there lashes to dramatic lashes.

Viola Beauty is a Ghanaian (major reason why I am excited!) owned eye lash brand. The eye lash collection has 5 different styles:

RESA (subtle slay): For the corporate or simple lady who likes to do the barest minimum slay. It is a barely there lash which ands just a bit of length to your lashes to complete your work time or everyday makeup.


 BELLA (Day time slay) : This style is for the ladies who love a day time glam but do not want heavy lashes. It adds bit of volume and length, these lashes will get you loads of compliments.


EUGIIE (wedding guest slay): You know that girl at weddings that is always slayyyedd to the gods without looking overly done. These are the lashes that makes you the centre of attention at any event, it has volume yet wispy. 


TINA O (Church beat slay)  My current favorite one, its dramatic yet suitable for even church. As with all the lashes these are wispy with a mix of long and short lengths. It has volume but it does not look heavy.


YO-YO (dramatic slay): This is for the ladies who like to go all out, talk about extra thats what these lashes are all about. They are full in volume and length and also wispy. IMG_4461

What I love most about the Viola beauty lashes are how wispy they all are. It makes it wearable for every lady, whether you want a subtle glam or you want to go all out there is a style for everyone. These lashes are so durable you can wear them up to 20 times (thats if you take care of them well). Keep the box that it comes in to store your viola beauty lashes well.

Viola beauty is currently giving away free lash glue, a pair of lash scissors, and mascara with a purchase of 2 or more lashes as a welcome gift.

Retail price: 45cedis

Thanks for reading…

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Hey Loves,

I have not talked about makeup in awhile, I will be sharing my go to makeup products for when I have 20 minutes to get myself together for a date or a girls night out.

Most of these products you can find in beauty shops in Accra or directly from the brand shops.

Just a thought but wouldn’t it be so cool if there was a ‘one stop shop’ that stocked Ghanaian brand beauty products plus other international brands. It sucks that you have to go to different places to buy products.

Find below my ‘On the go Glam Favorites’:



1.Foundation: Nars natural radiant longwearing foundation

Retail price $49 

I have only used the sample of this foundation, I am trying everything to get my hands on the full size. It has a skin like finish with full coverage and it lasts hours without the need to touch up during the day.

2. Primer: Mac prep & prime face protect lotion

Retail price: 205 cedis / 31$

This primer doubles as a primer and an SPF. SPF is important for your skin, as melanin babes we need to protect our skin from hyper pigmentation and sun damage. Find a moisturizer or primer that contains SPF and protect your skin.

3. Concealor: Maybelline fit me concealor

Retail price: 45 cedis/7$

This is a liquid concealor with medium coverage, I use it to highlight my under eye area and set it with powder. If you watch my videos you would know I absolutely love this.

4. Mascara: Maybelline colossal volume express mascara

Retail price: 27 cedis/ 8$

This mascara gives you all the length and volume you need and it is affordable too, one of my favorite mascaras to use.

5. Blush/contour powder: Mac swisschocolate

Retail price: 160 cedis/17$

I use an angled brush to apply it around my hair line, under my cheek bone and along my jaw line to add dimension to my face. It can also be used as a blush.

6. Setting powder: Laura Mercier medium deep powder

Retail price: 38$

I use this to set my under eye concealer and also to set my foundation. The powder is very fine and smooth. I also use it after applying primer to help the makeup say put and matte for longer hours.

7.Kohl liner: SO Aesthetics kohl line

Retail price: 30 cedis

This pencil is so creamy and waterproof, every makeup artist absolutely needs this in their kit you can thank me later 🙂 .

8. Lipstick: Fenty Beauty ‘Uncensored’

Retail price: 24$

The compliments I get when I use this lip stick is craaazzzy everyone loves it. What I like most about it is the doe foot applicator, I wish every lip product came with this it makes application so easy.

9. Highlighter: Milani strobe light 04 ‘Glowing’

Retail price:10$

I dust this on my cheeks, forehead, the tip of my nose and my upper lip, the glow with this one is popping!

10. Eyebrow pencil: Evita Joseph expert brow liner

Retail price: 40 cedis

I use this to fill in my sparse brows, my favorite shade is ‘perfect chocolate’, its matte and long wearing. No need to worry about your brows sliding of your face lol.

11. Lip balm: RandR Luxury

Retail price: 10 cedis

Perfect moisturizer for your lips, if you do not like to wear lipsticks or lipglosses you can use a balm to keep your lips hydrated.

Thanks for reading…

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Hey Loves,

Your favorite blogger girl (me!) bagged an award (Makeup blog of the year 2018) over the weekend at the Ghana Makeup awards at Kempinski Hotel over the weekend. It means so much to get awarded and celebrated for doing this. I share this exciting news with you because I definitely could not have done this without your amazing support.

Ok back to this product review, this must be the most difficult review I have had to do yet. I was torn between keeping my experience personal and sharing an honest review.

Skin Gourmet is a popular brand on instagram, with a wide range of organic products for skincare. Some of the products include neem oil, baobab oil, hemp oil, moringa powder, shea butter, cocoa unrefined butter, beard oils and lots more. Skin Gourmet brands itself as having skin care products that are 100% organic you can actually ingest it ‘#EATYOURSKINCARE’.

I must say the branding of Skin Gourmet is done really well. I was super impressed by the glass packaging (recyclable), the labelling had all the information of the products, and the variety of products Skin Gourmet has is impeccable.



This is liquid black soap mixed with tea tree oil and honey. The strong scent of the tea tree oil did not bother me as much as how it left my skin rather terribly dry after I showered. I have dry skin so it gets irritated when I use products that dehydrate my skin.

I found this odd because this was not my first time using any type of black soap. I went back to read the instructions and realized I may have used too much. I gave it a few more tries with the recommend amount but my dry skin just got worse so I stopped after 5 days.



Body scrubs are just one of the beauty products that I barely find any use for. I think the type of African loofah (sponge) we use in Ghana is on its own a scrub.

I used the coconut and cinnamon scrub once, I must say it made my skin feel smooth after using it and the smell is oh so ah-maaaa-zhhing!

Although my skin felt smooth it got really itchy afterwards, it was a dreadful itch that just won’t go away. I later deduced it must have been the combination of my skin getting really dry using the black soap and using the scrub right afterwards or I may just have a reaction to coconut or cinnamon on my body.



This has become my favorite because I love a cup of tea so a teaspoon of this in my tea is just perfect!.. However, this could also be used as a mask for your face to hydrate your skin and keep the elasticity of your skin.



This is also a current fav! all I do is mix it with water to get a creamy paste then apply it on my face. It is amazing for oily skin and acned skin. You can add a few drops of any essential oils of your choice to customize it.


I’m a sucker for great branding so even though I had a bad experience with some of the products, I am still curious to try the other products.

It is also important to note that we all have different skin types, what will work for me may not necessarily work for the next person and vice versa. If you are into organic skin care products its definitely a brand to try out for products.

About Skin Gourmet

Website: www.skingourmet.com 

Instagram: Skingourmetgh

Thanks for stopping by!

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