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First of all you guys are such darlings for the ‘engagement’ I got on my previous blogs, lots of love and kisses to everyone.

This week, I have a list of the big international beauty brands you can find in Accra. I find it so satisfying to be able to share as much information I can find about our industry.

Chanel :

This is a big brand for all you extra luxury makeup lovers you can find their stand at AnC mall the perfume store next to Max mart.


I was so glad to find their stand at the same store next to max mart at AnC. Lancôme is one of the Makeup brands I love, with a wide range of long-wearing foundations I totally love click here .Don’t even get me started on their juicy shaker lip products. You can also find one of their stands at the Westfields Mall.


This is also a brand that is all the way up there for me, foundations are proper full coverage and their eyeshadows are super pigmented. I did an Instagram tutorial click here using their eyeshadows. You can find the stand at the AnC mall and the Westfield’small.

Mac cosmetics:

The Mac stores are located at the Accra mall and Westfields mall.Mac is everyone’s staple brand. It’s one of the big brands that always catered for black women, they’ll always have a place in my Makeup heart.

Estée Lauder:

Another amazing brand that caters to a wide range of skin tones when it comes to foundation. The double wear foundation is popular among beauty influencers all over the world. You can find Estée Lauder at the Westfields mall.


I always seem to talk about their skin care range, but did you know they also did Makeup? I can’t wait to try the beyond perfecting foundation, the reviews on this product has been amazing. Don’t forget to try their mascaras and lipglosses anytime you get the chance to visit them at AnC mall, Accra mall and Westfield’s mall.

So far this is what i’ve come across, feel free to share if you have come across more brands.


This brand is my favorite drugstore brand, I love affordable makeup that gives me exactly what I need. You can find maybelline on Jumia and in practically any beauty stand in all the malls and beauty stores in Accra.

Thanks for stopping by.

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It seems like times have changed wow, now my focus on skincare is for my skin to look more hydrated (I feel like I’m growing haha) . I’ve been a steady believer in trying to get rid of spots, I barely focused on keeping my skin hydrated. Of course I drink lots of water and I avoid products that overly dry my skin. However, I missed out on focusing more on improving the moisture content in my skin. Thank goodness I found out sooner rather than later.

Earlier in December, I got a sample of the clinique moisture surge, I put it away in my stack of skin care products and continued using the clinique anti-blemish moisturizer as usual skin care routine.

Processed With Darkroom

Not too long later, the harmattan season arrived (harmattan is simply dry and dusty winds). I decided to give the clinique moisture surge a try, within 5 days the sample was done and I had to purchase the full sized one. 3 weeks later I think its safe enough to give a review:

  • My skin feels like a baby’s bum anytime I apply it (Morning and evening).
  • It has a gel like formula which is great for oily and combination skin.
  • It has a velvet like finish and controls oil really well.
  • My skin looks plump and fresh
  • My skin looks dewy
  • The bags under my eyes are filling up
  • I would give it a 9/10
  • My sister recommends it as well, she’s hooked to it especially cos she’s experiencing winter now.

If you happen to give it a try let me know your thoughts!

Retail outlets for clinique in Ghana:

ANC mall- Galaxxy store

Accra mall- Galaxxy store

Westfields mall- Foschini store

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The delivery guy made it seem like it was some secret mission when he called me to deliver the package. I mean I was expecting flowers, but it turned out to be lipsticks . Honestly, flowers wouldn’t have been bad though, but I’ll take the lipsticks.

Black secret has been in Ghana for awhile, with a wide variety of makeup products ranging from face products, to eyeshadows and lip products.

My mum used it when I was way younger and I hadn’t started wearing makeup. She loved her cream to powder foundation and the clear lipgloss which you had to squeeze. Who remembers their makeup wipes? I’m sure we’ve all used it before at some point lol.

Ok now back to the lippies:

My thoughts:

Packaging: I’m sucker for great packaging, black secret didn’t disappoint on this one. It comes in an all black matte and glossy tube with ‘lip- tastick’ and ‘Black Secret’ written in white on it. Its very simple and durable(it has fallen a couple of times without a crack).

Claims: It does not claim to have any special features such as being transfer proof or long-wearing.

Shades: It comes in 6 different shades;

1 red (Hawt),

1 orange (tomato juice),

1 pink (shockin!),

1 purple (mauven-picking),

1 gold (gold coast) and

1 brown (nudist beach).

  • ‘Hawt’ is my favorite, its a dark red shade, it’s creamy and the pigmentation is just fabulous.
  • My least favorite was the bright pink (shockin’) shade, it applied patchy and was just too bright for my personal preference.
  • I think black secret made the shade gold coast for the aunties who like to be extra, cos honestly who wears gold lipstick please??!.
  • The shades ‘Tomato juice’ and ‘mauven-picking’ are super creamy and easy to apply. If you like bright shades you’d love these.
  • The shade ‘nudist beach’ is what I’ve been reaching for a lot, although I always need to use a lipliner to make it work it’s not bad for an everyday lipstick.
  • I just wish the lipsticks were scented it would have been a plus for me.

Thanks for stopping by, see you soon…

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It feels good to be back, I gave up on writing because I thought I was just not good at it (side note : always believe in yourself). However, I realized I had a lot to share and it just seemed better to blog about them. I’m still going to be posting on my youtube channel and writing here as well. I’m not a great writer so pardon me if I make mistakes, I’ll learn from them and become a pro soon 🙂

Before I go on I’d like to wish you a Happy and Blessed New year and also, thank you for all the amazing support 🙂 in 2017. Since I’ve been away its only fair I start with an update on what exactly I have been up to and what my 2018 vision board looks like.

I bagged another degree : I’m finally done with my Master’s in Science (Msc) degree, saying this brings me so much joy. I thought it was the most challenging task for me. I did one year in Manchester filled with lots of interesting and eye opening experiences which I’ll blog about one day. If you get the opportunity to study abroad please go for it it may be the best experience of your life!

I got engaged/been proposed to!: I’m still on cloud nine as the euphoria with getting engaged hasn’t worn off yet and I hope it never does lol. My boyfriend proposed so now he’s been upgraded to ‘fians’ aka fiancé haha, I’ll have more gist in another blog series I plan on. It will be everything related to my engagement and more so watch out for that 🙂

I moved back home: For some reason everyone seems to think I live in ‘the abroad’, no ooh I’m here for good unless something comes up but for now I’m here. So invite me to your parties, events or your weddings I’ll be right thuurrrr.

My Vision Board:

This is my social media vision board for 2018, it doesn’t seem like much I’ll keep revising it as time goes on (if there’s a need to). I’ve never shared my goals with anyone so send me some good luck if you’re here.

I’m also sharing it so you help keep me in check especially with posting my content consistently. Any contributions towards it will make me really happy also hopefully this inspires someone else.



lastly this blog will be mainly to share Beauty Product reviews, news in the Beauty industry, my lifestyle and wedding updates and lots more.

This is just a summary of what I plan to do, but trust me my beauty content will be way better, my wedding series will be insightful and lastly my lifestyle content will be more engaging, see you soon.

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Hey loves,

I filmed a video with all the details on how to build your kit as a beginner all the products are listed below. link here


Dark brown pencil


Maybelline Baby skin pore eraser link here

Nyx anti shine primer link here

Sleek control shine & prime link here

Sleek contour kit (dark) link here

Mac match master (8.5) link here

Mac Studio finish powder (NW 45) link here

Sleek blush by 3 (Flame & sugar) link here and here

La girl pro concealer (toffee & fawn) link here and here


Morphe 350 palette link here

Maybelline master drama pencil link here

Maybelline master drama eye liner  link here

Maybelline volume express mascara link here


Revlon super lustrous lipstick (mink) link here

Maybelline lipstick (coffee craze)  link here

Revlon super lustrous au natural lipgloss link here

NYX lipliner cocoa link here


Evita Joseph brushes and beauty blenders link here

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Style: Feel good vibes

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I must say stuffing my face with food this holiday is definitely showing now, it’s hardly noticeable if you do not know me. I have decided to work on it without stressing myself out, being happy and comfortable is my priority.I put together this outfit for church today I must say I felt really good about myself (I’m no fashionista btw). I decided to share a few tips on how to use your style to feel good about yourself.


There is nothing like not having to suck in your tummy or worry about your muffin top. I’ve realised that a button down shirt is the best for those wanting to look stylish but feel comfortable. This shirt is a gorgeous cotton fabric which gives you space to feel comfortable.


Basic neutral colors will always look stylish no matter how a person’s body changes. Wearing simple looks like a shirt, a pair of jeans and heels, will always look good on any body shape.


Be it a pair of heels, or the perfect accessories, adding that extra sauce will keep you stylish and attract more attention to your outfit.



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Outfit details

Shirt here

Black trousers here

Shoes here

Coat here


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Pinch and Punch! Its the first day of Flirtatious February!
Oh how time flies when you’re having a ball! Another month into 2017 and I still don’t know what I’ve done with my time. Did I say “New Year, New Me”?! Because nothing has changed. Haha! Every year I write down resolutions I’m most certain I can only keep in la-la land. In my bid to break this cycle, I made a few mental notes on realistic ways to become the best version of myself, and improve my faulty areas.

Time management

I’m actually not bad with deadlines because I’m quite smart and dependable; you can ask my friends whom I may have influenced positively (hey Dotts!). Punctuality has never been my dilemma, however, managing the excess time on my hands remains an issue.

I spent a major part of my school break on the couch in front of the tv, binge watching The Good Wife and Stranger Things. Amidst my wool-gathering and lazying around earlier today, I thought to myself how content I was in what would be the halcyon days of my mid-twenties. Then reality hit…school starts tomorrow and I haven’t done any research! At this point, I feel horrible because I’m going to be the dull-witted student in class, who no one wants in their group.

Procrastination is indeed the thief of time! Ladies, it is imperative that you prioritise. I beseech you all; tackle whatever tasks you have to, before you switch to ‘lazy mode’.

Let’s just say I’ve learnt my lesson and I’ll give you an update on my marketing lecture tomorrow.

Fit Fam

Snatched waists, snatched this, snatched that *eye roll*. Did I mention that while I was a couch potato I ate a truckload of junk food and did nothing that required any physical or mental effort?! Well then, the 3 kilos of weight I’ve gained is a dead giveaway! I’m not exactly wearing a badge of honour right now, but I’m not unhappy about what I see in the mirror. In order to feel more confident in my skin, I took my butt to the gym. If going to the gym is a taxing notion for you, try reducing your food portions or get a workout buddy so you can be each other’s motivation. Working out makes me feel like Atalanta! I can take on the world! It’s never too late to start. After all, everyday is a new beginning!


Saving your coin

I can’t even comment on this because it still remains a mystery to me. I can’t fathom why saving is so difficult…it really is!! Sigh. For me, it’s probably due to lack of discipline because I want so many things!!  I still don’t know what would motivate me to save. I need help people, so if you’ve found a way to save please share with your girl!

Good luck on keeping up with your New Year’s resolution. Don’t beat yourself up if you find yourself faltering. After all, you set them so you can relax if you need to. Happy New Month!


Free phone wallpaper download click here !!!

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Hey loves!


For the makeup fanatics out there, these ultra-modern brushes may have caught your attention; and it seems as though they’re here to stay! Originally made by Artis Couture, their popularity skyrocketed about a year ago when dupes of them begun circulating the market. Now dupe products are not necessarily inutile, they are simply inexpensive models of the original products. However, I would say their quality is definitely questionable. The oval brushes have revolutionised the application of makeup. Personally, I was never motivated, to say the least, to purchase this set of brushes because I just could not comprehend how it would work or make my life easier.


I later decided to give these brushes a try. After all, if they are all the rage, there must be something spectacular about them. I have a few thoughts I’d like to share with you, and in turn, have your feedback.



The brushes come in a set of 10 consisting of 5 face brushes and 5 eye brushes.The brushes are a gorgeous rose gold and black combination. The neck of each brush is quite sturdy, unlike others I have seen online. Although it boasts handles of flexible plastic and a ridge for a firm grip, it should be handled with care to avoid breakage. The bristles are uber soft and dense and feel amazingly soft on the skin.



Initially, I was skeptical about using them. Like most of the products en vogue in this industry, I thought these brushes would be purposeless. Naturally I started with the foundation brush because it held more of an appeal with regards to functionality. The large surface area ensures the swiftness of the foundation application process. It evenly distributes the foundation as effectively as a damp beauty blender would, and the end result is always an even, flawless finish. I would say, if  you tend to apply foundation before applying your eye makeup this brush is perfect for you. You can go around your face without being too careful about rubbing off your eyeshadow.


The one thing I noticed about the face brushes is that they can be used interchangeably. With the exception of the foundation and powder brushes, the other face brushes weren’t distinctive as to what functions they perform. I had to use whichever one I deemed suitable for the application. I used the fourth largest for applying the contour, the smallest face brush to apply the highlight, and then the third largest brush, which was the miracle worker in blending my highlight and contour. The eye brushes are amazing for precise eyeshadow applications like the cut crease, and other dramatic looks. It however takes awhile to get accustomed to. My first time using the brushes saw me struggling with how to hold them and how much pressure to apply during use. After a few tries, I noticed it was easier to hold the black part of the brush with four fingers and place my index finger on the rose gold part of the brush.



I wouldn’t say this brush set takes your makeup application to an exciting new level. However, professional makeup artists will find this set essential for dramatic makeup, face painting and body makeup.

For the everyday woman, I say, the face brushes allows you to apply your make up in record time!!



8/10 for professional makeup artists

6/10 for the everyday woman


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Accra, Ghana

Call +2330302977435



Hey Loves!

I finally started a blog, and I couldn’t be more ecstatic! Yaay!!! However, I’m praying for consistency in Jesus’ name, Amen! This post is long overdue as it’s been highly requested! For starters, skin care is of paramount importance (you’ve probably heard this over and over again), and I’ve tried and tested loads and loads of products, in my bid to get rid of my facial acne. This dilemma was heightened, when I started filming my youtube videos. As luck would have it, I have been using a combination of produtcs for about 6 months now, which are finally working for me. I will give you detailed information on each product below.

You can watch my youtube video (click here) to see how I go through my daily routine.

Back to the matter (open and close lol) I’m sure you’ve been advised to drink lots of water, cleanse your skin, moisturize, the whole shebang. You’ve tried it all but those pesky spots just won’t go away; same for me too. It’s extremely frustrating, ladies, but don’t give up just yet. Products work differently on different people, especially for those of us of the fairer sex.

Take time to study your skin, take note of when it gets better or worse. With that in mind, when you start using products, give your skin 3 to 6 months to adjust and see improvement.

Morning cleanser:


This cleansing bar is a more effective substitute for bathing soap (*urgh* seriously, stop using that) to cleanse your face. It is an anti-blemish cleanser formulated for people trying to get rid of blemishes, and also for any of you with an oily or combination skin type. It leaves your skin feeling refreshed, dry and clean after every use. If used twice daily, it could last for about two months.

I say, 100% buy this!



*Disclaimer* Toners do not lighten your skin tone. I repeat, toners do not lighten your skin tone!!  Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, this toner smells divine and always makes me dream of spa days, anytime I use it. It does not have the strong alcohol smell that most toners have, but is more gentle and suitable for even the most sensitive of skin. This toner is water based with a mix of cumin seed, camellia seed and rosehip seed oils in a biphase, hence should be shaken before use.



Most often ladies with oily skin tell me they do not moisturise because they do not want their skin to get oilier 😳😳😳. The skin produces even more oil because of the absence of moisture; it goes into overdrive trying to protect itself due to lack of hydration. When you use the right moisturiser you’ll get the right results. For oily skin, this moisturiser will moisturise and hydrate your skin, without making you look like a grease ball!

Makeup cleanser:


I use this product to take off my makeup before going through my cleansing routine. Perhaps I should’ve mentioned this first…*awkward silence*…Oh well!!  I really like this because just like the toner it does not have a harsh alcohol base. It is water based and takes off heavy makeup with 2/3 cotton balls. It is remarkably gentle and suitable for sensitive skin. Although it’s labelled ‘no rinsing’, I think you can ignore that and cleanse your skin with a cleanser after use.

Night serum:


So for my night time routine, instead of a regular moisturiser, I opt for this oil based serum, which is great for extra hydration and rejuvenation of the skin. Due to it’s lightweight nature, it is easily absorbed into the skin. It will make your skin almost brand new in the morning. Produced with the same oils as the toner, I have not regretted adding this serum to my skin care routine.

Clay mask:


Using a mask for me, can be equated to giving your house a good clean every Saturday, even though it’s remained clean during the week. (You get what I mean? lol). For a weekly or biweekly deep cleanse (depending on how oily my skin is) I apply this face mask and leave it on for about 10 minutes, then wash it off. This mask literally mops out all the oil from your skin and is a must have for anyone with oily skin! It can also be used as an overnight spot treatment.


Okies dokes, this is pretty much all I have for you today regarding skin care.

Ciao Ladies,

xx Akai.

Product details:

  • Clinique anti-blemish cleansing bar.
  • Body shop intensively revitalising essence lotion.
  • Clinique anti-blemish all over clearing treatment moisturiser.
  • Garnier micellar cleansing water.
  • Body shop intensively revitalising facial oil.
  • Clinique anti-blemish oil control cleansing mask

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For clinique products in Ghana click here

For clinique products worldwide click here

For Body shop products (worldwide) click  here

Photo credit cliniquesa